Wayne Anderson is a local columnist for a small-town newspaper in Frederic, Wisconsin.  Due to his frustration with little ‘good’ reporting coming out of Iraq by the mainstream media, he decided to put his money where his mouth is, and has self-funded his own trip to Iraq.  Wayne is a 51 year-old “retired construction contractor, budding vintner and novice beekeeper” with no previous military experience.

“I’m going to Iraq to report on our troops. I want to see for myself what in Iraq is really going on—the whole story. I, like you, see the bombs exploding on the nightly news.  I know it happens. The media would not lie. It’s just I suspect they are not telling the whole truth. Certainly there is more to this Iraq story than roadside IEDs detonating?

I suspect building schools and hospitals is not as newsworthy as blowing them up. But the public should know about both, which is the whole truth. (I think I remember reading about that in journalism school.)”

–Wayne Anderson

Wayne will be embedded with the 1157th Transportation Company of the Wisconsin National Guard, out of the Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which shuttles goods between Kuwait and Baghdad.  He will be supplying the media back home with free stories and photos about his findings.  He is scheduled to be in Iraq from June 6th to July 6th.

I have committed to posting Wayne’s stories and photos for the following reasons:

  1. I believe that our troops deserve kudos for the good things that they are accomplishing over there.  Our media isn’t giving us the opportunity to see the accomplishments that they have made.
  2. I believe that the media is under-reporting and/or denying any good that is happening in Iraq.
  3. Wayne is a great person with a big heart, and he is putting his life on the line so that we here at home can get the information that is not being reported.  The least we can do is post his stories on our websites, so that the word gets out about the good things that our soldiers are doing!

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Please remember to keep our soldiers – and Wayne – in your thoughts and prayers!