Okay, okay… I won’t stop blogging

Thanks to those of you who wrote the emails and comments that encouraged me to keep writing.  I appreciate it more than you know.  Now that I’m ‘over the hump’ with the quitting smoking, I think I can go back to writing again.  I just needed to get the smoking/writing thing out of my system.

So… I guess I have some catching up to do.

Thanks again and look for more posts starting this weekend.

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2008 Elections
Where’s Pheisty?

Where have I been?  Living.  I’ve been vacationing, helping my husband with repairs around the house, painting, visiting with friends, and of course, working. However, I have to admit that I’ve been very pessimistic about the state of our country lately, so that’s the main reason I haven’t been blogging.  …

2008 Elections
Today’s Tent Preachers

My pal and fellow Ban the Ban-ner, Ryan Evans, had a great post on his blog today that I totally relate to.  The title is “Why it’s Hard“, and I feel his pain. It’s pretty easy to feel defeated once you’ve finally opened your eyes enough to see that no …

Journal-ish Posts
Raped by Global Warming

I can’t remember anything over the course of my lifetime being so forced upon me. Everywhere I go, I’m lambasted by “Green” messages from media and even retailers.  Today I was in Target and was assaulted by “Green” T-Shirts.  I went to Caribou Coffee and got the same crap from …