No Tragedy Left Behind

Yes, I’m ripping off Jason Lewis’s new catch-phrase for the way the local socialists and media are exploiting the 35W bridge collapse.

“No tragedy left behind” about sums it up.  Everywhere in the Twin Cities and beyond, liberals are using this tragedy – mind you, before all of the bodies have been pulled from the Mississippi – to call for tax increases, and to cast blame upon those ‘evil conservatives’ whose disdain for more taxes somehow caused the terrible event.

Oh, how quickly they forget.

These are the same liberals who, just last fall, pushed through an amendment to enable them to divert funds for roads to public transit.  These are the same liberals who have stalled the St. Croix River Crossing bridge project for twenty-plus years, that has grown in cost by over $375 million dollars simply because they wouldn’t allow it to be built.  They are the same people who sing the praises of light rail and public transit, and who want to divert funds in that direction that would otherwise be available to fix and build roads.

It’s funny how these socialistic, environmentalistic clowns have all of a sudden developed a love-affair with road transportation, when every bit of rhetoric they’ve been spewing up until this point has been anti-road and anti-personal automobile.  What changed?  A tragedy, that’s what changed.  I have yet to meet a liberal who can restrain themselves frome exploiting a tragedy, especially one as publicly visible as the 35W bridge collapse.

Their exploitations have mainly included rhetoric that says, “Sure, the government can afford to give tax cuts to the rich, but doesn’t have enough money to fix bridges”.  Their spin drives me to the point of madness, but to get to the bottom of their premises, we must really examine what government is for.

Government is for – and in this order:

  1. Military and police protection for its citizens
  2. Law and Order (Justice)
  3. The maintenance of public infrastructure

In regards to government funding, anything beyond what I listed above should be considered a luxury.  In times of national trouble and disaster, anything on the “luxury” list should be cut long before any of the above three items are even glanced upon.  Instead of asking us if we’re willing to spend more to upkeep our bridges, why aren’t they asking us what we’re willing to cut?  I, for one, am NOT willing to spend more.

The next time a liberal starts whining to you about the fact that the conservatives refuse to see their taxes raised to pay for the upkeep and creation of any sort of public infrastructure, or if they start blaming you for the 35W bridge collapse, remind them that their little ’pet projects’ that are funded through taxpayer dollars are luxury items, and remind them what government is for.  Now’s the time to encourage everyone to ”think green” and eliminate government waste.

If the wealth-redistributors among us really cared about those people who perished in the Mississippi one week ago today, and if they truly were concerned about the state of our roads, they would gladly see to it that cuts were made under the ‘luxury’ column to see to it that government – and our taxpayer dollars – went to take care of the most basic of our needs as Americans living in a democracy.  You may as well wait for snow in hell.

You may also want to remind them that up until now, they hated roads, hated cars (unless it was a Prius), loved public transit, and proudly bragged about the fact that they road their bike to work while all of those ’sinners’ were ruining the environment with their big SUV’s.

Links to ‘Scary Liberals’ and their exploitation of the 35W tragedy in an attempt to raise your taxes:

  • “Infrastructure Funding: abridged too far”
  • “A lot more than one bridge could crumble under the GOP” (by Jesse Jackson)
  • “Repair and responsibility”
  • “Infrastructure overhaul ‘overdue”
  • “Mediocrtiy should not be Minnesota’s goal”
  • “State transportation debate has changed”

(The photo in this post is my original graphic, as is the “Think Green – Eliminate Government Waste” logo, and is protected under copyright.  If you would like to use it, please contact me, first.  All I will probably ask of you is that you give me credit and link back to my site.  Grazie!  )

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