Enviromentalism: Forcing Morality

I read an interesting blog entry over at “Hippy Shopper“, regarding “The Great Global Warming Swindle” documentary.

In the entry, Hippy Shopper expresses sadness over the fact that this documentary may cast too much doubt into the minds of the general public, therefore possibly halting any future laws and regulations that would force the general public to change their living habits in favor of ‘greener’ ones.

“Many of you, like me, probably watched the Channel 4 programme The Great Global Warming Swindle with a sinking heart. Its claims, that sunspot activity were causing the recent changes in global temperature seemed plausible; they claimed they had the evidence. If they were correct then this would prove the death knell for many efforts to save energy, even though cutting carbon emissions is only a part of the reason for doing so.”

– Hippy Shopper, July 9, 2007

Don’t you find it fascinating that the enviro-cultists are now admitting that human-induced Global Warming is their ticket to forcing others to live under their moral code?  Their fear tactics using visions of a world ablaze and polar bears dying in the Arctic is in no way different than a bunch of religious zealots attempting to force their morality on humanity by preaching of hell’s fire and brimstone.

Which got me thinking…

You and I both know that parental illegitimacy is a great problem in America.  It has created a huge welfare culture, where single mothers are able to suck at the teat of the government without having to change their sexual and reproductive habits.  Not to mention the poor children who wind up growing up without a significant male influence in their lives, and most often wind up following in their mother’s – or father’s – footsteps.  The damage of premarital sex and illegitimacy can only be guessed, becuase there is really no true measure to show the horrific consequences that these habits have on our populace.

As a Christian, and as a previously single mother, I know the ramifications of premarital sex and illegitimacy.  I know the heartbreak and problems that it creates for our children, and although I didn’t receive any sort of public assistance while I was a single mother, I had many girlfriends who did.  They continued to have children out of wedlock, knowing full-well that Uncle Sam would take care of them financially.

My faith tells me that people should wait for marriage to have sex, and consequently, children.  My logic and experience validates my faith.  If Americans would begin to embrace abstinence before marriage, many of our problems could be resolved.  Children would have both parents in the home, young women would be able to establish themselves in their education and work before having children, and would have more respect for themselves.  There would be far, far fewer single mothers on the welfare rolls, thus freeing up funds for other public good.

If I were to take on the attitude of our environmentalist friends, I would make an Al Gore-style movie about the horrors of illegitimacy.  I would show horrible footage of aborted babies, pregnant girls with three children sitting about them in the projects of some American city, and irresponsible ‘fathers’ who have impregnated five or more different women without supporting them financially.  I would show America the ills of illegitimacy, and then I would propose legislation.

My legislation would consist of the funding of chastity belts for every unmarried person in America.  The keys would be the property of the government, and only when the marriage ceremonies were complete would they be given the key to the belts.  Any person found to have ‘broken out’ of their chastity belt would be fined heavily, and after the third violation, would go to jail.

Sound rediculous?

The idea that I could force my moral stance on premartial sex, legislatively, on the American public – even if I were correct in my views that it is severely damaging our country – is insanely arrogant and zealotous.  It goes against freedom, and our rights as Americans to live as we see fit.  Although it is obvious that staying abstinent until marriage would solve many problems in our country, I hardly believe that I am so correct in my reasoning that I should attempt to force my moral code on the American citizenry.

But that is exactly what the environmentalist are doing.

They are using human-induced Global Warming – which is not even based on good science, but rather, bad politics – to scare the world into living as they see fit.  They are attempting to legislate their ‘green morality’ on the rest of us, telling us that we don’t know what’s best for society, and for ourselves.  The arrogance is absolutely astounding, and the assault on our basic freedoms is becoming more and more real every day.

So, when an environmentalist tells you that human-induced Global Warming will spell out horrible consequences for our societies, and that you should ‘go forth and sin no more’ by recycling, buying a Toyota Prius, and turning your heat down to 65 degrees in the winter, tell them that you’ll kindly decide when and if you will do so on your own conscience.  Tell them that you don’t need their morality being legislated on the rest of us, and give them an ‘Illegitimacy” story of your own.

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