Town Hall protest in Setaucket, New York

Here are two videos from a protest and town hall in Setaucket, New York.  They’re about sixteen minutes long, total.  Watch and listen, and tell me you don’t feel just like these people do.

And please don’t start to feel sorry for Tim Bishop.  He deserves an earful.  These people, like many (if not, most) of us, don’t believe that our elected officials are listening to us (especially those of us in more rural areas), or the Constitution.

We–the average, hardworking American–get the chance every once in a blue moon to tell the elect how their decisions are affecting us.  We don’t have a lobbying firm that goes to our capitols and speaks on our behalf.  We’re too busy working and trying to figure out how our families are going to survive this mess, and we don’t have the time or the money to get the ear of our elected leaders.  So when they have these town hall meetings and get shouted down a good part of the time, don’t feel sorry for them.  We all have televisions, newspapers, the internet, and other ways of knowing where they stand.  This is our time to tell them where we stand.

Make sure you watch minute 7:48 in the first video, where a woman reminds Bishop of his swearing-in ceremony, when he swore to uphold the Constitution.  She then asks him if he believes that all of “these plans that are going on” are against the Constitution.  His answer sends chills up my spine. (CORRECTION/UPDATE:  His answer is on the second video, at :25 seconds.  My apologies.)

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