Reality Check: Who’s full of rage?

I’m sure you’ve heard it all over the media, how ‘enraged’ and ‘frightening’ McCain/Palin supporters are.  For a reality check, I suggest you check out Michelle Malkin’s latest post.

(Warning! The images, language and videos are disturbing.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Here’s a small sampling:

The photo above is supposed to be the likeness of Sarah Palin, and the title of it is “M.I.L.P”, “Mother I’d Like to Punch”.

Speaks for itself.

 This is a picture taken at a museum display, where a man is pointing a fake gun at the head of a Sarah Palin cardboard cutout.  (That’s a cardboard cutout of her daughter next to her own.)

Lest we forget the Bush hatred that has been endured for the past eight years…

I’ve found no artwork or photographs online of guns being pointed at the head of  Barack Obama or Joe Biden (let alone images of their bloody heads severed from their bodies).  I’m not saying that they don’t exist (although I have yet to see one example), but it seems to me that violent references against those on the right are a dime-a-dozen, and have been for quite some time.

When the media starts whining about McCain/Palin supporters being “gripped by insane rage”, and how terrified they are by the right’s “anger”, I can’t help but laugh.  What has the right done thus far to indicate that they would fight fire with fire?

Since I hate to be the thought police, I should entertain the idea that they are genuinely scared.  After all, those on the right are the ones clinging to their guns, as the left’s messiah says.

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