Where’s Pheisty?

Where have I been?  Living.  I’ve been vacationing, helping my husband with repairs around the house, painting, visiting with friends, and of course, working.

However, I have to admit that I’ve been very pessimistic about the state of our country lately, so that’s the main reason I haven’t been blogging.  All of that time away from my blog made me come to a few conclusions:

1.  I will never, ever vote for John McCain or any other republican who supports global warming legislation or smoking bans.  Both issues are a litmus test for me.  Why, you ask? Because supporting either of these intrusive ideals show a politician’s true colors.

Any politician who does not protect property rights, or believes that they know better how you and your family should live your life, and would force you–by the end of a gun–to live in a way that they approve of, is a tyrant.  Yes that’s right…a tyrant.  Any politician  who believes that the American people are too stupid to make decisions for themselves or their families, doesn’t deserve to be in office.  And any nitwit politician who believes that mere men can control the temperature and weather patterns of the earth isn’t qualified to lead a Girl Scout troop, let alone our country.

2.  I will not be joining a party any time in the near future.  Many people have asked me if I’m going to join the Libertarian Party.  Although I identify myself as libertarian, I’m a little jaded by the whole ‘party loyalty’ thing and have no intentions of throwing my support behind any political party.

3.  I hope that the democrats win the White House.  The Republican Party needs a good,  swift kick in the backside for selling out the American people to a bunch of Marxist thugs.  Continually voting for these creeps is like a battered wife who keeps going back to her abusive husband.  I’m not doing it anymore, and I’m not supporting the lesser of two evils.  I’d rather go through a bit of hell now so that the American people wake up.  If they’re slowly cooked to death like the proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water, there’s no chance of ever regaining the freedom that so many men and women have fought and died for.

4.  I will continue to do my part fighting against smoking bans, as I believe they are the crack in the dam that will allow the floods of government oppression and tyranny to drown us all.  If we don’t have property rights, and if we have a government who believes that we are too stupid to make our own choices in life and should therefore have a gun pointed at our heads to make us comply with their wishes, we are sunk.

5.  I will continue to live my life in the best way that I can, understanding that the best thing that I can do for my country is to take care of myself and my family.

6.  I want to seek God’s will for my life, remembering that this involves balance and not getting politically overzealous.  I believe that He put this fire in me for a reason (the fire that makes me want to fight for my freedom), but it must be balanced.  Ultimately, I know that He is in control, so I have nothing to be afraid of.

So that’s my update.  I  have to be honest, I don’t know when I’ll be writing again.  It could be tomorrow, or it could be a month from now.  Who knows.

I keep trying to think of a good way to end this, but I just can’t.   Instead, I’ll leave you with the slogan that Ryan and I have chosen for our Ban the Ban Wisconsin effort:

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