My Resignation from the Republican Party

What follows is a letter of resignation from my position (member-at-large), and withdrawal of membership, from my local Republican Party.  I sent it off today.  I’ve just had enough, folks.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with regret that I inform each of you that I must withdraw my membership from the Polk County Republican Party. Before I continue, please know that my decision was not in any way related to the many good people in this organization who have given of their time, money, and efforts for conservatism. The Polk County Republicans are a good group of people, and I have experienced nothing but positive things while being a member of this organization.

However, I have noticed that the Republican Party as a whole is abandoning their conservative principles, and is more intent on getting those with an “R” behind their name elected, rather than demanding conservative action from those who receive our votes.

I have seen so-called conservatives jump on the “Green”, redistribution-of-wealth bandwagon of climate change, out of fear of being labeled a “polluter”. I’ve seen them join the ranks of those who support a government monopoly on education at a time in our history when we spend more on public education than on national defense. I’ve seen them drag their feet on the immigration issue for fear of being [called]“racists”, while our borders remain wide open and susceptible to terrorists and those who wish to harm us. I’ve watched while they embrace bigger and more intrusive government, supposedly in the interest of “public health”.

I have been considering this decision for about a year, and I have not taken it lightly. It has been a struggle. You must know that I’ve been a Republican my entire life, starting in the fourth grade when I campaigned for Ronald Reagan in our school elections. I’m not wishy-washy. I’m a true conservative.

One of the people who have made me choose remain in the party for as long as I have is Sheila Harsdorf, a real, decent, honorable woman who has fought for lower taxes and always responds to my emails.

However, Sheila’s recent move to support a statewide smoking ban on private property was the last straw for this conservative:

  • “If we are to get serious about escalating health care costs afflicting families and employers, we need to take preventative measures against the dangers of second-hand smoke,” said Harsdorf. “Our neighboring states and communities throughout Wisconsin are moving to prohibit smoking at places of public employment. I have listened to constituents affected by the negative health effects of smoking and know that escalating health care costs with businesses are a top priority. Now I believe we need to move forward on ensuring healthier environments for consumers and workers.” — Senator Sheila Harsdorf

If those who receive our votes cannot stand up for private property rights – one of our most precious and unalienable rights as American citizens – I can no longer support those whom I have voted for, and whom I have entrusted my and my children’s freedoms with.

The smoking ban is not about health, as some of you may believe. Smoking bans are about governmental control under the guise of the public’s best interests. Secondhand smoke’s dangers have been grossly exaggerated, and outright lies have been perpetrated from every non-profit, every media source, and every government official in this nation. If smoking bans were about health, less intrusive legislation and regulations would have been proposed, such as air purifying requirements in commercial building codes.

Answer me this: If smoking is the dagger in the heart of Wisconsin’s health, and one answer to the health care cost crisis, then why not ban it altogether? Because if smoking were banned, Governor Doyle and every other tax-and-spender in Wisconsin would lose millions in tax revenue.

The fact is, we do things that are dangerous and bad for our health every day, whether it be driving too fast, eating unhealthy food, going outside without a hat on, going to work sick and sneezing on people, not washing our hands long or well enough… If the government can get the American people to believe that being exposed to secondhand smoke for a small portion of their lives is such a danger, what will they ban or force us to comply with, next?

I am not interested in the government taking care of me. I’m not interested in them telling me that I cannot use a legal substance on my own private property, and I’m certainly not convinced that government cares about me. I am a thorn in the side of big government. I used to think that Republicans were, too.

For those of you who believe that I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill, I would ask you to look around and ask yourselves why young people aren’t fired up about being Republicans. I’ll tell you why: Because they don’t see us standing for anything. They’re fired up and ready to fight for their freedom, but they expect us to be firm in our beliefs as conservative citizens. We are failing the generations that follow us by being complacent on issues that we should be standing firm in, and I want no part of it any longer.

I’ve come to find that grassroots efforts that keep with the truth of what our Founding Forefathers envisioned for our country are how we get people fired up and involved. I no longer see the Republican Party as any friend of liberty or freedom, so I see no benefit in remaining a member of it.

I respectfully request to be removed from my current office in the Polk County Republican Party. If any of you would like to contact me, please feel free to do so. It is my hope that there are no hard feelings, because feelings have nothing to do with my decision. Please keep in mind that I will continue my grassroots efforts on my websites and in the public square to support conservative principles and freedom. I just believe that politically, it would not be fair of me to openly criticize those whom the party supports (and make no mistake, I will openly criticize) while being a member of this organization.


Joey Monson

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