I’m a Neti Pot Believer

No, I’m not talking about the wacky tabacky (although in my younger days I was a believer in that, too).  I’m talking about the amazing neti pot nasal and sinus cleansing system.

As for what follows in this post, I will warn you that I’m going to travel down a road that I don’t normally dare to on this blog.  Although I strongly embrace alternative medicine, I rarely discuss it here.  There are reasons for this; mainly because most alternative medicine involves being candid and open about certain bodily functions, and I’ve come to the conclusion that most people just don’t want to hear about stuff like that.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you.  For those of you who are truly interested in getting all of the nasty, old gunk out of your sinuses for a fraction of what you’ll pay in sinus meds and doctor visits, read on…

The Neti Pot is a little genie bottle-looking thing which you fill with warm saltwater solution.  (You can buy them for around $12 to $14 at most health food stores or co-ops, or online.) You put the spout in your nose, like so:

Then, you allow the water to run up into your nasal passage, and out the other nostril.  Surprisingly, you can breathe easily from your mouth during this entire process.  It’s pretty weird.  (Obviously, you should stand over a sink, or if you really want to see what comes out, a white bowl.)

When I tried it today after getting home from work, I immediately felt like a new woman, and even – dare I say – a little more feisty.  I can breathe again!   Nothing really nasty came out – although I admit I really didn’t look that closely – but it still felt great.

My son, however, had an entirely different experience.  The kiddo has suffered with sinus issues his entire life, and so I was anxious to see if the Neti Pot would help him.  I didn’t have to wait long…

Without getting too graphic, I can tell you that what came out of my son’s nose made me shriek.  Nasty!  I can honestly tell you that I didn’t think that something of that magnitude could come out of someone’s nose.   He immediately sounded different when he spoke, and for the remainder of the evening, talked about how he’s never breathed so easily.  In fact, he wouldn’t shut up about it, and wanted to do it again.

I strongly recommend the Neti Pot, especially if you have sinus issues or have a cold that you just can’t seem to kick.  For those of you who don’t have problems with your sinuses, this is a great preventative health maintenance tool.  I’ve also read that it helps with bad breath, since most bad breath issues come from your sinuses (post-nasal drip), and even snoring.  It should be done each morning with your daily cleansing routine, just as you (hopefully) brush your teeth and shower every day.

If you’d like to read a funny and very graphic account of another Neti Pot user’s experience, this is about as good as I can find.  All I can say is, “Ishy.”

Also, here’s an informative how-to video on how to use the Neti Pot:

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