Raped by Global Warming

I can’t remember anything over the course of my lifetime being so forced upon me.

Everywhere I go, I’m lambasted by “Green” messages from media and even retailers.  Today I was in Target and was assaulted by “Green” T-Shirts.  I went to Caribou Coffee and got the same crap from them.  I can’t turn on the TV without green messages being forced upon me.  I’m sick and blasted tired of this stuff being crammed down my throat.  Aren’t you?

I’ve often likened manmade global warming fanatics to religious nut-cases who wish to legislate and force their morality on the rest of America and the world.

Allow me to reiterate my comparison:

  • Sins – Driving SUV’s, not recycling, not using incandescent lightbulbs…
  • Global Warming Church (Rallies, Protests) – Nothing more than “green” church services, where they regurgitate their own holy book’s verses (the IPCC report).
  • Heretics – Deniers of manmade global warming.  (That would be me.)
  • Confession – admitting you’re an filthy, polluting human – and the opportunity to gain salvation for your enviro-sins by reducing your “carbon footprint”.
  • Atonement – You can do this in a few ways:  1) Reducing your carbon footprint, 2) voting for elected officials who will legislate your moral values on the rest of America and 3) purchasing Carbon Offsets.
  • Tithing – Giving a portion of your income to green organizations and lobbying environmental non-profits, to facilitate their vision of “heaven on earth”.
  • Holy “Commandments” – Thou shalt recycle; Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s SUV and amazing Christmas lights display; Thou shalt turn thy heat down to 62 and wear long underwear to stay warm…  You get the drift.
  • Disciples and Missionaries – Most of Hollywood, all democrats, and even some republicans, Will Steger, etc.
  • Street Preachers – I’ve personally been assaulted by these shiny, happy people while visiting Northfield, Minnesota.  You’re walking along, minding your own business, when someone says, “Hello!  Do you have a minute for global warming?”.
  • Televangelists – Al Gore, Matt Lauer, most TV reporters, The Weather Channel, the news media, etc.
  • Holy Sites – The Antarctic, ANWR, and most recently, Bali.
  • High Priests – The IPCC
  • Religious Scholars – So-called “scientists”
  • Prophets – Al Gore, scientists
  • A Coming Apocalypse – A world ablaze due to our sinful human polluting
  • Heaven – When the earth is finally free of any evidence of humankind.
  • Hell – (See apocalypse.)

With every day that passes, I’m becoming more convinced that this is the most oppressive and freedom-eroding religion this world has ever seen.  That would be all fine and dandy if it weren’t being forced upon us with such proselytizing madness, and if it weren’t attempting to be legislated from every publicly-held office in our nation.

As a Christian, I don’t attempt to legislatively force every single person to stop having premarital sex because I – and the rest of taxpaying America – are paying for their unplanned pregnancies.  I don’t call for chastity belts to be put on every horny teenager and college kid so that they don’t wind up killing their unwanted babies.  I don’t call for girls to be locked up until they’re married because illegitimacy is breeding crime (no pun intended).

Why don’t I encourage such things?  Because I believe that people should have a choice.  If you want to have premarital sex, that’s your deal.  I may be negatively influenced by your bad decisions, but I respect your right to do what you will with your own body.  Likewise,  if you would like to reduce your carbon footprint, by all means do so, but respect my right to disagree with you, and acknowledge my right to use my body to drive an SUV.

Ironically enough, I’m pretty certain that chastity belts would reduce abortion, welfare, state-funded healthcare dollars spent, and possibly even crime.  Even the best religious global warming scholar can’t give us any sort of assurance that anything we do will affect the temperature of our earth.   Yet, Christians are told that they shouldn’t so much as utter a word about free-will abstinence, because it’s considered proselytizing.  Amazing.

If you’re feeling as violated as I am over this crazy new cult called Environmentalism, I would encourage you to have the guts to speak out and call this religion out for what it really is… and do so before we make the Church of England look like a Wednesday night prayer meeting.

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